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Peroneal is not Perineal

The subtle difference in spelling in pronunciation is integral for an Ob-gyn resident who happens to have peroneal tendonitis. Inflammation of the lateral ankle tendons... Not inflammation of the perineum.  (What's that term for two words that sound the same but mean different things?)I have diagnosed myself with peroneal tendonitis based on the location of my… Continue reading Peroneal is not Perineal

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Random Musings From a Resident On Call

Dear Mr. Frosted Tips, I realize you've got a gunshot wound and some bullet fragments lodged in your iliac crest.  However, that does not excuse you from the common courtesies such as not having Playboy magazine proudly displayed on your bedside table.  Also, asking me if I can send you home with something stronger than T3's… Continue reading Random Musings From a Resident On Call