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Thirty Days of Gratitude – #14 – Vulnerability

Today I am grateful for the ability to be vulnerable. It sounds like a really strange and random thing to be grateful for, I know. However, embracing my vulnerability today brought me peace and happiness about something I was stressing about. In my last post I wrote about the conflicting feelings I had toward expressing… Continue reading Thirty Days of Gratitude – #14 – Vulnerability

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Thirty Days of Gratitude – #17 – Perseverance

There are a few cliché statements that I have heard numerous times over the past few weeks: "When it rains, it pours." "God only gives us what we can handle." "Experiences like this build character." "When this is all over, you'll look back on this time..." Let me tell you, I will never look back… Continue reading Thirty Days of Gratitude – #17 – Perseverance