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Do you have a problem with that?

The other night we went out for dinner, and naturally, E. wanted to have his boobie with his dinner.  So, I took him out of the highchair, placed him into my lap, and let him latch on.  I don't really care that I'm breastfeeding in public, but it seems like EVERYONE else does!  And, of… Continue reading Do you have a problem with that?

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Common Sense?

I feel like this should be common sense. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, but the vast majority! Especially pertinent: Thank-you notes, Being on Time, RSVPing, Taking care of yourself!


The list is
here, and is so true.
I should also give credit to Captain Awkward for bringing it to my attention.

I feel like most of the annoyances I experience in regards to the people I interact with have to do with them not acting like an adult. Oh well, such is life.

EDIT: January 10, 2014
So I decided to delete my summary of the list, because people kept assuming that I wrote it, and I felt very uncomfortable with that.
The list was not my original work, I never claimed it was, but to avoid confusion I have decided to keep the post up with the original link only.
So, to reiterate: Sarah D. Bunting wrote a post titled “25 And Over” on
Please follow the link to read her great list.

And here are my thoughts on the list.

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