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Another Letter, Likely Never to Send

I cannot begin to express the difficult emotions that I have endured over the past few months since you disclosed the results of my waiver of training application. However, I am going to try, because I believe in honesty, openness, and human connection. I also feel that this is what I need to to in… Continue reading Another Letter, Likely Never to Send

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Thirty Days of Gratitude – #13 – Progress

There are times in life when we start out on a particular journey and we have no idea if we will actually get to the destination we envision in our minds. Sometimes these journeys begin without a destination set; rather, we embark on the journey because we need to get away from where we are,… Continue reading Thirty Days of Gratitude – #13 – Progress

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Thirty Days of Gratitude – #16 – Courage

Tomorrow is the big day. Well, the first of the three big days. My exam is finally here. The exam comprises two written components (tomorrow and the next day), and an oral component in about a month. I am nervous, even though I have been preparing for this exam since September... even though I have… Continue reading Thirty Days of Gratitude – #16 – Courage