Emotional Baggage

Thirty Days of Gratitude – #12 – Writing

Yes, I do plan to finish my gratitude project, which I started back in April. The last few weeks have been increasingly stressful with my exam, the passing of my mother-in-law, and now waiting for the results of my exam. The results come out today. To say I'm nervous is a serious understatement. Today, though,… Continue reading Thirty Days of Gratitude – #12 – Writing

Emotional Baggage · Residency

Another Letter, Likely Never to Send

I cannot begin to express the difficult emotions that I have endured over the past few months since you disclosed the results of my waiver of training application. However, I am going to try, because I believe in honesty, openness, and human connection. I also feel that this is what I need to to in… Continue reading Another Letter, Likely Never to Send