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Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I’m with you kid, let’s go.”

Maya Angelou

Adventure… What does it mean? Does it always have to be something crazy, exciting, and unpredictable? Or maybe adventure is the day to day happenings of an everyday life that you are making your own. I believe the latter is the case, because it’s really the only way you can feel good about those day to day activities instead of discounting them in search of something more exciting. This, I believe, is how you really start to enjoy your life – by treating every day as an adventure of its own.

With this definition of adventure, I can say that my life has become rather adventurous lately. I think the biggest new (day-to-day) adventure has been that I’ve begun doing freelance writing for an online medical magazine… and that is the reason why I have been blogging a little less these days! Ideas that come to my mind, especially those about balancing my life of motherhood and medicine, I have been keeping to submit to this publication rather than immediately posting them here. While I do write, primarily, for the enjoyment of writing and sharing my experiences, it is definitely a bonus to get paid for my writing. So, this adventure means that writing serves a new purpose: to help fun my poor little stretch out medical learner bank account. Unfortunately, I don’t have extra time to do more writing, so the same amount of writing becomes spread over two blogs instead of one.

On the subject of writing, my day job has also become… writing. On this prolonged research elective that is seeing out the remainder of my residency, I have become a (scientific) paper writing machine. The work adventure has seen me balancing honing my ultrasound skills, learning intricate details about IVF cycles, and also writing papers to be published in scientific journals. I guess that English degree I earned someone along the line is finally starting to really pay off in my medical career! I am just crossing my fingers that all the writing I am doing will continue to pay off in a few years when I am looking for a permanent job.

Overall, the daily adventure of keeping life on its rails is never uneventful. It is extremely easy to fall into the ruts of the road and forget that every day is meant to be cared for a lived to its fullest. Like any other parent, I find myself exhausted by the end of the day, after I’ve tucked my kids into bed and I try (although unsuccessfully) to remember what life was like before them. The search for that desire, however, is always short lived when I reflect on the beautiful parts of the day, such as waking up to hugs and kisses, dinner time discussions about the things they learned at school, or when they share a small accomplishment that makes them proud of themselves. I use these small moments to reflect on what can often feel like a monotonous day, and remind myself that, in fact, the day was just another adventure that I almost missed.

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