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Long Haul Adventure

I have a good excuse for my short little blogging hiatus: My family and I have spent the last month moving across the country!

We left our old home city on my birthday – July 20 – and took 5 days to drive over 3000 km across the country. We drove about 8 hours a day and stayed in small roadside hotels and motels along the way. As much as possible we made an adventure of the trip and thankfully on the night of the 5th day we arrived at our new house on the other side of the country. Once we arrived, there was frantic cleaning, unpacking, buying new furniture (since we left a lot of stuff back) and even painting our rented townhouse.

Painting? Yes.

I enjoy the act of nesting and getting set up. As much as possible, I wanted to make this temporary living arrangement as much of a home as possible. We rented this place based only on internet pictures and a Facetime video with our real estate agent, so this was the first time our whole family had seen the place in person. I wasn’t sure we would have rented it if we saw it in person to begin with, but we will make the best of it. We knew that the higher rent we are paying is for the location and the quality of schools in the neighborhood; and that only makes it slightly easier to live in a run-down, rather poorly maintained townhouse. So, I painted to give it a fresh look, and we will be hanging pictures and curtains and doing all the other things that transform a house into a home.

Last week I got settled into my new workplace. I am starting a fellowship here in January and until them I am doing 5 months of research elective to complete my residency. It is bittersweet to be in my new workplace but not really starting my new job while I am held back in my other life… for reasons I am no longer dwelling on… But I got my desk set up, have met my new colleagues, and am starting on an ambitious project that I likely would not have time to do if I didn’t have these 5 months of elective time.

So that, in a nutshell, summarizes the last 4 weeks of my life and serves as the explanation for why I dropped the ball on my blog. Now that I’m a bit more settled, it is my goal to get back into the routine of posting regularly (and hopefully reading more of everyone elses blogs too!)

3 thoughts on “Long Haul Adventure

  1. Oh my gosh! Just reading this articulate synopsis felt like an adventure. What a journey! You did what I dream of doing. I know about setting intent but I am also a realist so we shall see if I make it a reality. 🙂


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