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Trust and Honesty are Fickle Things

Tomorrow is my Birthday. I will be 36 years old.

Yesterday I learned that someone I trusted and with whom I had always been completely open and honest with lied to me. Not only did she lie to me, but the actions she took which necessitated her lie were a direct betrayal of my trust and the honest relationship she encouraged me to develop over years.

I cannot ever imagine betraying someone the way she has betrayed me. And, I can’t believe that at 36 years old, these types of people and these types of intentionally hurtful and malicious activities continue to persist.

Today I am sad and hurting. I am sad for myself and this betrayal of trust and honesty. I am sad for this other person, that she feels it acceptable and justifiable to act this way. And, I am sad that this people and these kinds of relationships will always exist in this world.

3 thoughts on “Trust and Honesty are Fickle Things

  1. I can feel my heart breaking as I read this. So sorry that your trust has been broken like this. Certainly not something you want at any stage of life, let alone so close to a happy occasion like a birthday.
    Hope you had a good birthday, with your favourite people and loved one, regardless!

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