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Thirty Days of Gratitude – #15 – My Daughter

Today L’ il E turns THREE!

I know everyone says the same thing, but where does this time go!?! This little girl is the link that completes our family. She is both the girliest girl and one of the boys all at the same time.

Just the other day she woke up and demanded to wear a pink, frilly party dress and then proceeded to put a laser tag sensor on over top and chase her brothers around the house, shooting them with her laser gun.

On a regular basis she forces her brothers to sit down quietly so she can paint their finger and toe nails in various shades of pinks, purples, and light blues. In exchange she will sit back, watch them play video games and cheer them on while they battle on screen.

She runs around the house wearing police woman costumes, Anna and Elsa dresses, superwoman tutus, Mike Wazowski suit, and her brother’s Black Panther mask… Sometimes all in various combinations of each other.

L’il E has changed our lives and our family in a way we could never imagine. Where there was only boys – cars and trains, blue and green, wrestling and rowdiness – there is now all that plus pink and purple and everything in between, tea parties, princess movies, politeness, and the attitude that “little doesn’t mean unable.”

From the moment I became pregnant with L’il E, I dreamed and hoped that I would have a little girl to add to our family and in the day we found out that she was, indeed, a girl, I couldn’t believe the amazing luck that I got what I wanted. Despite my excitement, I couldn’t help but wonder if having another baby was going to push our family over the edge of craziness and insanity. My pregnancy with L’il E was certainly a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from fear to uncertainty, to love, and intimately pure joy.

And, my suspicion was correct: L’il E did push our family over the edge of craziness and insanity: there is never EVER a dull moment in our lives with L’il E and her big brothers! This craziness is certainly worth Everything.

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