Thirty Days of Gratitude – #19 – Chai

Well, there goes my attempt at blogging every day for this little project! I guess it was a little bit of a hefty goal given that I have the biggest exam of my life (not an exaggeration) coming up in just over two weeks. Regardless, I wanted to make sure I was staying positive!

I guess, technically, this can be yesterday’s gratitude moment…

Every Saturday for the past few months, I have been getting together with two of my friends at a local cafe/restaurant that makes the city’s best chai. They also serve amazing home-cooked Indian food, which I have now eaten way too much of… But the chai… I can’t get enough of it! I will have at least two, sometimes three, chai teas while I am studying there every week. There are days we even go there to study during the week, primarily because we want an excuse to have chai.

We have been there so often that the staff who work there know what we are studying for and even when our exam is!

I find that there is something remarkably comforting and settling about drinking chai. It seems like a bit of a silly thing to be grateful for. However, I actually look forward to going to study because it means I have an excuse to drink an excessive amount of chai. I am grateful, not only for the chai, but also for what the chai accomplishes during this difficult time: friendship, camaraderie, motivation to study, and knowledge acquisition. To be honest, I am going to be sad after the exam that there will no longer be a regular reason to go to this cafe for chai anymore!

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