Thirty Days of Gratitude – #23 – Sunshine

Another day has passed and I’m still here to tell about it! That, in itself, is something to be grateful for!

Every day I make a point of meditating using a meditation app (I promised a while ago that I was going to talk about this). Lately I have been using the Calm app, which I find to be really great! The app has various guided meditations on different topics and just the other day, I finished a 10 day series on managing anxiety. Yesterday, when I logged in for my daily meditation, it recommended f that I try a “10 days of gratitude” series. I thought it was very appropriate!

So between the meditation app and this little project, I have been reflecting immensely on the small, day to day things that bring job to my life. I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t get as much studying done today that I was supposed to do. However, I think I have a relatively good excuse. First, we are currently in the process of trying to either rent or sell our house in preparation for our cross-country move this summer. So today I did some serious “depersonalizing” of the house to allow a photographer to make our house look like something a stranger would want to live in. Thankfully, we got that done AND we managed to find some great people to rent our house for the time being. What a relief!

My second excuse is that I took time to enjoy the Sunshine. I am getting very tired of studying in coffee shops. After a morning or studying and physiotherapy, I snuck back into my house while Lil’E was sleeping and sat on the back deck in the sunlight. I did some studying there before I decided I wanted to walk and meet the boys on their way home from school. The sun was beautiful and brought me so much Joy – and the kids were excited to have me walking with them.

All in all, it was a relatively poor studying day, which isn’t great to have 3 weeks before the exam. However, I got some serious life business done, and I got to really enjoy the Sunlight (and everything that goes along with that). For this day, I am grateful!

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