Thirty Days of Gratitude – #24 – Body Works

Most days you might hear me complaining about the various parts of my body that cause me pain. The unfortunate truth is that I do experience body pain in one way or another most days. This week it has been a horrible migraine-quality headache. For 6 days there was a headache bad enough to affect my concentration, mood, and studying… and then today I woke up and it was gone. Thankfully.

Despite the various types of pain I experience, I am grateful that I hav a very healthy and well functioning body. I’m not exactly sure why I experience so much pain, but I figure it’s mostly from stress, my fairly physical job, and the bad posture I almost always have while performing surgery (or these days, studying).

Today, with my headache gone and a bit of studying done, I decided to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on a walk with my family. Because I am well, healthy, strong, and fit, I am able to participate in such simple pleasures as walking around the neighbourhood with my family. The boys practiced for their fun run coming up in a few weeks by running around the lake while my husband and I pushed a sleeping little girl in the stroller. It was beautiful.

Everything about this moment was beautiful, right down to the Canada geese standing on the melting ice atop the melting lake.

2 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Gratitude – #24 – Body Works

    1. Yes! It certainly is – especially at a time in my life where time is at a premium and I am constantly putting my family on the back burner for studying. But soon enough that will be over!


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