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Thirty Days of Gratitude -#25 – Friendship

Everyone values friendship. I think we all value friendship to the point that we actually take advantage of how much we value it.

I don’t have many friends, especially close friends. I have struggled for a long time with being on the outskirts of groups and cliques… never really fitting. It not that it was something wrong with me, or something wrong with others, it’s just the way it has always been. In fact, this is something that has come up many times in therapy sessions over the years. I can’t explain it, but I have come to accept it.

And really, it’s doesn’t matter a whole lot. I have some very good friends who form the core of my support system. There are one or two of them have been friends for many many years, some whom I have just recently become close with, and some in the middle. There are some who live just down the street, some who live a few hours away, and some who live across the country. Regardless of where they are or how long we’ve been friends, every one of these people plays an important part of my life. I know I wouldn’t have succeeded this far in life without them.

Today, I am grateful for all these people in my life.

I am thankful that some are there after months of not talking, and we can just pick up where we left off.

I am glad that I can send a text message to someone with the most random thought and they know exactly what I mean (or what I need from them).

I am gratefully indebted to those who support me in the many different physical and emotional ways that people can support each other.

And, I am honoured that I have the privilege of being able to reciprocate friendship to all these same people. It is enlightening and rewarding to know that people value and rely on you as much as you do for them.

Friendship is the foundation of all things in my life. I am grateful for that.

2 thoughts on “Thirty Days of Gratitude -#25 – Friendship

  1. A lovely post!

    I’m preparing to say good-bye to a very close friend who’s moving interstate. We’ve only known each other for about 3.5 years but I’m closer to her than some friends I’ve known three times as long. It’s incredible how time and distance don’t necessarily factor into the depth or quality of a friendship

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