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Big E Wanted A Cake

This week, Big E turned 7. I always wonder where the time has gone each and every time my children have a birthday. Before I know it, they’ll be teenagers, and then I’ll really wonder where the time went! Yikes!

I always bake and decorate my own cakes for my kids. This year I was sad about the prospect that, perhaps, I wouldn’t have time to make my usual elaborate cakes and I pondered either buying a store bought cake or making a simple sheet cake with plain icing and writing. However, Big E really, really wanted a “Wreck it Ralph” cake and he had been talking about it for weeks. No matter how much I need to study, I decided I needed to make this cake even more. I can’t always let work and study win over my kids.

So, I took the afternoon off studying yesterday to drive around the city to find all the things I needed to decorate a rather “simple” cake. Also, thank goodness for google images, which gave me many ideas on how to decorate a cake based on a movie that I have never watched.

I finally rushed home, took the pre-baked cakes out of the freezer (I did plan ahead a bit) and whipped up (literally) a delicious batch of buttercream icing. This cake wins for the fasted decorated cake I’ve ever made, but he definitely loved it, nonetheless.

Now, after getting in a few hours of studying, a relaxing acupuncture visit, and then surviving the onslaught of little 7-year-olds at a gymnastics club, I am finally sitting down to relax.

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