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Reaching Out

Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess, shared a post yesterday about how grateful she is that her followers sent her so much love and support at a time when she really needed it. If that’s not awesome enough, her post encourages her readers to reach out to each other through her blog by either sending or requesting a note of encouragement. This, of course, is fantastic.

Why am I sharing this here? Well, because this is exactly where I’m at… Reaching out to others and needing others to reach out to me. So, when I opened my reader this morning and saw the title of her post (which I have aptly copied for this post) I felt like it was the Universe reminding me that what I’m going through right now is normal, part of the human experience, and is exactly the type of common experience that binds us together.

I am a firm believer in Reaching Out. And, as The Bloggess alludes to in her post, reaching out doesn’t just mean looking for and asking for love and support when you need it, but it also means giving love, gratitude, and support to others when you feel it is deserved.

I have a history of being really good at the latter: telling people that they are loved, supported, and appreciated when I feel like they need or deserve that reminder. I may be biased, but I think I may be in the minority when it comes to this. I don’t think this because of an inflated sense of self esteem or because I have a “Holier Than Thou” attitude. I think this because many people seem surprised, caught off guard, or hesitant to accept these offers of gratitude and appreciation. Maybe if it happened more often – if it was a generally accepted truism of our culture – it wouldn’t come as such a surprise to people when it does happen. And then maybe it would be accepted with less discomfort. As I write this post, actually, I am remembering that I wrote about this exact thing a long time ago. You can read about that here.

Despite being good at one side of the “Reaching Out binary,” I am actually really bad at the other side. I am afraid that if I reach out for help, love, and support when I need it, I will be rejected. By reaching out and asking for help when I’m down, I will be bothering other people, or that people will realize that they don’t have time for my emotional baggage. I know where this feeling and fear comes from, and that’s a whole other blog post. Regardless, sometimes I wish it wasn’t so hard to ask for some support. And, I wish it wasn’t so uncommon for people to send that love and support into the lives of the people they know when they think it is needed or deserved. So, in this exceptionally timely post from The Bloggess is really a tiny glimmer of support in my times of darkness.

This, too, shall pass.

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