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Spring Means Sandals

Today is the first day of Spring. Therefore, spring is here whether we want it or not. Let me be clear on this point: I want it here… Badly. I’m not sure if “Nature” wants it here, though. In this part of the world, spring weather is crazy and unpredictable. Regardless, when Spring is here, I take that as the official sign that it’s time to pack away the winter jackets, the long pants, and even the socks… and break out the sandals.

Yes. Sandals. Even though there is still snow on the ground, spring calls for sandals in my world!

This might explain why, back in March of 2017, I slipped on the ice and ended up landing flat on my coccyx and smacking the back of my head on a metal pole. A concussion and numb-ish legs resulted from that little incident (and our health region is lucky I’m an employee who had no motivation to take sick time, and not a 91 year old lady who likely would have broken a hip)… But, I still refuse to admit it had anything to do with my footwear. Actually, I was going to work in a patient clinic that day, which means I wasn’t wearing sandals because that wouldn’t be “professional.” But I likely was wearing skimpy flat shoes… I likely deserved it anyway. Still. Lesson not learned.

Sandals, on snow on grass. Spring is here and my toes are out for the season!

I’m hoping this is the spring where we get no surprise snow falls in April or May (yes, it is known to happen in this part of the world). Sandal season has officially arrived and it will be here to stay! It means I can also, finally, justify to my husband that I need to get regular pedicures because my toes are always on display (he doesn’t need to know that I can do it at home… that’s no fun). It doesn’t matter though, because I still get them all the time – now I just have an excuse that he can not argue back with *as much.*

Anyway, Happy First Day of Spring!

Arguably one of the best seasons of the year!

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