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Tea Party, Overdue

It might actually be a crochet party… I haven’t decided yet. Regardless, there will be both tea drinking and crocheting taking place at this party. It is imperative that I plan this party, preferably immediately after I return from my Vegas vacation (which takes place immediately after the third portion of my exam). If I wasn’t going to Vegas to celebrate the end of the studying and exam writing chapter of my life, the party would likely be immediately post exam. To explain why, I will recount a conversation between my husband and I

“You are one of the worst hoarders of things you will never use… ever”

This is what my husband said to me last night after I asked him if he knew where  *something I was looking for but now don’t even remember what it was* could possibly be, and he replied by telling me he threw it away… because I like to hoard things.

“I am NOT a hoarder!  You have no idea what a hoarder is… And even if you did, I am so far from being a hoarder…”
This was the end of my argument because I have ver little brain power left to devote to anything other than the intricacies of the female reproductive system.

“Yes, you are a hoarder.  I mean, you have the most elaborate collection of unused yarn of anyone I know.  You couldn’t possibly ever, in your life, crochet enough stuff to use up the amount of yarn that you have stored in various parts of our house, plus the new yarn that you will inevitably buy because ‘it’s on sale, or it’s new, or the colour just happened to be speaking to you, or it’s yarn time of the month…’
This last part he said sarcastically, as if those are the ONLY reasons I buy new yarn… Also, clearly he doesn’t know anyone else who knits or crochets, or for that matter, has any kind of crafty hobby…

“I can’t help it if I don’t have time to crochet right now.  Believe me, I would much rather be crocheting than studying… If you want I can stop studying and start crocheting so that you don’t have to worry about the stored yarn taking over our house.”
I sensed him roll his eyes even though he wasn’t even looking in my direction.

“In fact, when I am done my exam I will start crocheting all the time.  I will do nothing other than crochet – hats, scarves, socks, shirts, pants… for the kids, and especially for you.  That way I will be sure to use up all the yarn and make room for the new yarn that will be calling to me from the shelves of the craft store.”

“That’s great” he replied sardonically.  “Then we can be that crazy family who walks around wearing only frumpy home-made and ill fitting clothing all because we need to fill some insatiable need for you to buy, and then use All. The. Yarn.”

“Yes.  Yes… that will be us.  Get ready for it.”

At this point I placed the kettle on the stove and walked into the pantry to get some tea.  I came out with one of my favourites: Kusmi Rooibos tea.  My husband glared affectionately at me as I took my little gold Kusmi tea scoop and filled my tea diffuser, somewhat exaggerating my movements to suggest that I had won the “argument.”  But it wasn’t over…

“And that’s another thing you hoard… Tea! You have more tea than any normal person could every possibly drink in their lifetime”

(Do you see a trend here?  Not in what I *apparently hoard* but in what my husband thinks of my little pleasures in life?)

“What are you talking about, I drink tea every night.  I love tea.  I love variety.  What’s wrong with a little variety?  I mean, there is so much amazing tea out there, how can I not get some new tea when it appeals to me?”

“What are you talking about?  You have an entire shelf dedicated to all sorts of random teas, and you’re the only one who drinks tea in this house!”

I considered his words carefully…

“Okay, then.”
“I will have a tea party.”
“I will invite everyone I know who loves tea… and that is A LOT of people… and we will drink all the tea and then you can’t accuse me of hoarding tea when I buy more tea.”

Again, he rolled his eyes silently as if to imply that, despite any effort on my part to reduce my tea stash, it will inevitably continue to grow.

“In fact, I think I will invite everyone to come over for tea and we will crochet together!”

And at that, he burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.
“Yeah.  Right.  That sounds like the most amazing party ever…”

I looked at him with squinted eyes, over the rims of my glasses.  He looked back at me with a satisfied smirk on his face.
“It WILL be the most amazing party ever.  You’re just jealous that you won’t be invited!”

At this, he continued to chuckle and walked away from the kitchen, off to do whatever it is he does while I’m busy studying.

So,  I hope that you can completely understand why it is imperative that I host a tea and crocheting party immediately after returning from my post-exam vacation.  This is not an argument I am willing to lose.
Plus, I will likely be in the market for new yarn… and tea.

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