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Yes, I’m Obsessed

As I prepare for the biggest exam of my life, I’ve become a little bit obsessed…

I’ve only been staying for this exam since September: Somewhat casually at first, then more seriously from about November… then January was another bump in effort and now, with only 8 weeks until the exam, I’m heading into the “high stress” home stretch. It’s no surprise, then, that I engage in some rather uncharacteristic behaviours.

Last week I ordered $25 worth of black licorice off of amazon… because who doesn’t love black licorice when they’re studying?!?

Speaking of amazon, I also decided that I needed some new Yeti coffee mugs, in sea foam green and two different sizes.

But most notably, I have fully hopped onto the “A Star Is Born” bandwagon and have watched it multiple times. So, it’s not surprising that along with the limited release of the new encore version of the movie comes an intense desire on my part to see the movie… again! Naturally, I “invited” my husband to see it with me and got a rather sarcastic reply. Needless to say, he didn’t jump at the opportunity to pay for a babysitter, to then pay for a movie that we had not only already seen, but also owned.

But not to worry, because I did find a friend who hasn’t seen the movie yet, who I actually haven’t seen in a while because I e been so busy studying, and was interested in going to see it with me! So, after a lovely dinner out and a few glasses of wine, we are off to the theatre for an encore screening of “A Star Is Born!”

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