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It’s a Half New Year

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I love trees so much...
Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
One of the nice things about the residency year beginning in July is that it’s like having a second “new beginning” to the year.  It’s a great feeling to think there is another chance to “re-do” or re-evaluate how things are going in your life.  At the real beginning of the year, I set some goals for myself to work on for the year.  I am so happy to say that I have worked hard at accomplishing most of those goals.  The ones that I haven’t completely accomplished, I still made  valiant effort (for the most part).  For this reason, At my last review of the goals I decided that I was going to re-assess and set some new goals.

To quickly review: I did very well at the self-care and emotional wellness goals that involved taking some time for myself on a regular basis, spending more quality time with my kids and my husband, putting myself first, and establishing a new social circle.  I also did very well at some of my miscellaneous goals, like reading 12 books this year (or 1 a month) and incorperating other means of exercise into my regime.  I also actually ran my half-marathon, which I am so proud of.  My least successful goals, however, were my goal to run 1000Km this year, and my goal to have more healthy eating habits.

I am sad to say that I am only at about 250Km – only a quarter of the way by the half way point of the year.  In addition to that, I have only been making moderate efforts to eat better and I have continued to slowly gain weight over the past few months.  I think the weight gain has been multi-factorial (discontinuing my anti-anxiety meds, have better controlled anxiety which means I am not constantly nauseous, etc…), but I know that my less-than-stellar eating habits haven’t been great.

I believe that it’s important to take time to re-evaluate goals every once in a while, set new goals when other ones have been met, and change the ones that aren’t working.  What’s most interesting is that by accomplishing certain goals, such as taking more time for myself and spending more time with my family, I have re-discovered how much my life outside of work has to offer.  As I’ve thought more about my life with my family and what’s most important to me, I came to the decision that I really do want to have that third baby (even though that thought still causes some anxiety and makes me question my sanity).  I am discovering some new interests and working hard at keeping up with old ones.  So, with all these changes in my life, it’s no wonder that I need to tweak my goals a little.

I really do love the all the reading I have been doing.  In June I finished reading three books!  I completed Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I actually started reading in May, and I started and finished reading Both Yes, Please by Amy Poelher and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.  I do plan to write a post about how much I loved those books, even thought they are very different from what I normally read.   Finishing these books, though, puts me at a grand total of 8 books for the year.  I plan to continue working towards this goal of 12 books for the year.  Maybe I’ll even add an asterisk and still aim for one book a month (total of 16 for the year)- barring that R2 doesn’t completely kill me!

I plan to continue with the successes I’ve had in my emotional, personal, and social realms.  The new goal that I’m going to add, though, is to make a little more time to develop my work/professional relationships.  Now that I will be on service this year, I want to work harder at making good connections with my fellow residents and staff.  I have been assigned a staff mentor and she seems like a wonderful person (she also had kids when she started residency) who has much to offer in the way of advice and support.  It’s also important to me to work on attending more of the “non-mandatory” evens like journal club and group events.

When it comes to my goals for fitness and nutrition, I am going to change those up a bit.  My decision to try for another baby is going to complicate these a little.  For the healthy eating/nutrition, my goal is to pack food for all my shifts.  It is also my goal to eat the food I pack and not buy other food instead.  I do a great job of packing nutritious, (mostly) healthy foods.  However, I am just bad at caving into peer pressure and temptation.  I figure that this is a goal that I can stick to even if/when I am pregnant.

This brings me to my running goal.  I m disappointed to realize that I won’t run 1000Kms this year.  I think I would like to reduce that to 500Km, which would mean I need to double what I have done up until now.  I think that maintaining what I’ve been able to do up until now, while incorporating a busier work schedule and a possible pregnancy is quite ambitious in itself.  I also plan to register for another half-marathon later this summer with the hopes of accomplishing my goal of a 2 hour completion time.  I’m hoping that this revised running goal, as well as continuing on with my current fitness regime of TKD and my plan for healthier eating, I can avoid the substantial weight gain in pregnancy that I had with my last two babies.

So, there we have it, a new and revised list of goals for the second half of 2015!  Wish me luck in this first month!!!

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