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Almost Half Way!

May is over and we are quickly launching into June – the half way point of the year!  I am so pleased with the progress I have made on my goals so far!  For this reason, I am going to re-evaluate and add new goals starting in July – for the second half of this year.  I liked my goal review format from last month, so I’m going to repeat it!

Physical Wellbeing:

1. Run a Half Marathon!
2. 1000Km in 2015
3. Other means of exercise
4. Healthier eating

Last weekend I entered a 10K race at the last minute.  I seemed to have caught some race fever!
Last weekend I entered a 10K race at the last minute. I seemed to have caught some race fever!

I still can’t believe that I ran a half marathon in May!  I am also still a little in awe of myself for completing it is such a great time.  I can actually check this goal off my list!  I have decided, though, that I am going to continue to “train” for a half marathon, because there is another race in my city in August and I am going to try and run that in my original goal time of 2 hours.  I’m not sure if I want to make it an “official goal” because I have some other goals and adventures that might not let that happen (more on that another time).  Anyway, May was also a record breaking month for me in terms of running distance.  I ran over 70Km in the month, which is the most that I’ve ever done so far.  Unfortunately, that still falls short of the 80ish Km that I need to run every month if I want to reach the goal of 1000km this year.

Last month I was working mostly evenings and night shifts on the emergency room, so it was very difficult for me to make it to many taekwondo classes.  Add in my stint with pyelonephritis, and I had to let go of my goal of getting my green belt by the May promotion test.  It’s probably for the better anyway; The self-defense move for green stripe involves a “controlled” fall… Learning that was not pretty.  When you are over 30, have 5 feet to fall, and need to gracefully move150+ pounds onto a hard ground… lets just say I was pretty sore for a week after that class… Despite that, I am still proud to say that I have achieved 4 belt promotions in the last 5 months and I am well on my way to learning the skills for my next promotion.  I am taking the month of June off from TKD because I will be out of town for 3 weeks and it wasn’t worth paying for one week of the month.

All my Taekwondo belts since I started in January.  Next up, Green Belt!
All my Taekwondo belts since I started in January. Next up, Green Belt!

In terms of eating better… that has been up and down.  with crazy shift work, it has been hard to pack lunches and eat well.  However, I did find a recipe to make my own “mind over matcha” smoothies in my vitamix so I have been making those on an almost daily basis.  I find then filling, refreshing, tasty, and they are only 6 WW points (as compared to the 13 WW points that the real smoothie takes up).

Emotional Wellbeing:

5. “Me” time at least 1x per week 
6. Putting myself first 
7. Quality time with the kids
8. More “present’ for Husband

Between my acupuncture (I have been meaning to write a post on this for so, so long.  It’s coming, I promise!), a few massages here an there, baths, pedicures, mindful meditations, and running, there has been a lot of time to myself.  I find this helps a lot with my sense of self, it reduces my anxiety, and it helps me to be more attentive and available to my family when I am with them.  I love it.  It was hard at first to get used to putting myself fist, but now that it is a habit, I wouldn’t go back.  Hopefully this is sustainable when I start R2 next month(!).

Spending some “Quality Time” with the family in the mountains after my Half Marathon. Here E. and I are looking at the water passing over the rocks under the bridge.

As a family, we rented a plot in our neighbourhood’s community garden.  Every night we take a walk as a family out there to plant/water/weed our garden.  We have also started up the bike rides and scooter rides to various “locations” to get treats and play at parks.  Family time is so much easier in the summer!  Lately I’ve been feeling like #7 and #8 are blending together a little more because we are spending more time together as a family, but I have been making sure to have some Husband time too… It was our 6th wedding anniversary this past month and we celebrated by going out for dinner – and I planned it!


9. Establishing a new social circle
10. Be more gracious and positive
11. Read 12 books in 2015 (one per month)

This past month, outdoor soccer started up again, so I’ve been busy getting to know some of the other “soccer moms” on the team.  A few of them were also on our indoor soccer team in the fall/winter, so there are some familiar faces.  A few of them also live close to us, so we see them often in the evenings when we are out walking or playing outside with the kids.  My social networking has expanded from “just” TKD to soccer as well.  I really couldn’t be happier with this all!  Actually, I could – if I worked less and had MORE time to hang out with the other moms!

After my 10K run last week, my third and fourth toes were so sore! I thought it was from the compression socks and then wearing my running shoes for a long while after the run. But when the gel polish came off at my pedicure yesterday, I realized that I have received my first “running nail casualty.” Totally an excuse to buy new shoes, right!?!

With everything else on the go, I still have about 50 pages to read in the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I started reading in May.  I am hoping to finish it up in the next day or two and then I will be at 6 completed books for the year (and I am still on track since I have 5 completed in 5 months).  Next week I am going to a conference all alone – with a long plane ride… I am hoping to knock another 2 books down over the course of that travelling time!

Despite some of the setbacks I had this month, it was an overall positive month!  Many great things were accomplished and I felt great about myself and the progress I have made.  I have worked hard to be more mindful and present, which has made the graciousness and positivity just flow naturally.  Wish me luck as I plan new goals for the next half of the year, and revise these current ones!

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