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Five Years!

IMG_5865 - Version 2

In this household, anyone turning 5 is rewarded with an amateur fondant-formed Baymax figurine.  I also throw in the 9inch chocolate fudge cake covered in red, rolled, store-bought fondant (because as delicious as marshmallow fondant is, it is the worst thing in the world to make and dying it red would have made it even more worse… if possible) for free!  I should have charged for the fondant lettering, though – that took some time!

I can’t believe A is actually 5 years old. It feels like 5 years have gone by in a flash of time, but while simultaneously occupying an eternity.  Was it really 5 years ago when that whole labour experience went down?  Or how about that night where I laid awake at 3am with tears running down my face and an inconsolable screaming baby just laying on my chest… I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I survived and lived to tell about it.  I can’t believe he survived me!

Happy Birthday to my not so little, Big Hero A!

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