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D & C & IUD

This morning I signed my own consent form to have my IUD removed in the operating room. 

That’s right: my appointment with the gynaecologist was just as unsuccessful as the last IUD removal attempt (except much more painful). 

My uterus is, quite literally, in a vice grip around that dang little piece of plastic, and it hurts. Physically and mentally. 

Third time’s a charm, right?  It better be, because as much as I’d like to just wake up without IUD, I’m going to have to refuse the propofol when I go to the OR.  Later that day I will be participating in my sister’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding the next day. It’s either that, or wait until September for the next opening in the OR. 

(Dare I say it – if this baby ever happens… Well… I won’t say it…)

8 thoughts on “D & C & IUD

  1. Yikes! “Surgical” removal the same day as your sister’s rehearsal dinner!!?? You are a real trooper. Hope it all worked out okay and that you are feeling well now 🙂


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