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A Learning Week

Learning is a never-ending process.  This week was no exception for me.  Here are a few of the “interesting” things I learned this week:

1. There is no way to “gently” hit a badminton birdie.  It also greatly frustrates 5-year-olds when their mom always hits the chicken (aka, birdie) too far.  It is equally frustrating for moms of 5-year-olds when a 30 minute badminton rally consists of… well… nothing that resembles a badminton rally.

2. One should never, EVER, ignore the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, even if the last time they had the exact same symptoms, both a urine dip, urinalysis, and culture came back negative.  Doing so can land you in the emergency room with a raging pyelonephritis.

3. Doctors DO make the worst patients.  We know that it doesn’t take 3 hours for the CBC and UA to come back, so why is it taking 3 hours for the doctor to come back (we know the answer to this question, but we don’t want to accept the answer).  We also don’t cope well being the ones sitting in the bed, sore, tired, and just wanting to go home.  Oh, and the nurses really don’t like when you stop running your own IV after getting 1.5L of fluids are you start getting a heavy feeling in your chest… That earns you an unnecessary ECG.

4. Running with sore kidneys is not an option.  Not even a little bit.  This must be the universe saying that running a half-marathon in 2 weeks is not meant to be.

5. I learned from a mutual friend that my old friend/mentor won some “big award.”  She said it to me as if I knew what she was talking about.  First, it is hard to fake “everything is fine/ok” with someone who has no idea why two people wouldn’t have spoken in 6 months.  Second, it is awkward when you try to change the subject away from talking about said person.  Third, I looked up this “big award” which turns out to be a teaching and mentoring award that is given to one faculty member at each program, each year.  The hardest part about learning this is that it’s upsetting to me deep down to know she won this kind of award after the way she ditched/flaked/abandoned someone she was purporting to mentor.  That being said, it’s also hard to be upset about it because deep down, I know she deserves to have won it, despite what she did to me.  I’m sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate and congratulate her when it happened.

I think 5 new lessons is more than enough for one week.

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