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Not My Mother’s Day

  I was supposed to be sleeping after my late night shift…

The boys were planning to make me the classic 5&3 year old breakfast in bed. 

The sun is shining and I was looking forward to a day in the sun, just me and my boys. 

Instead, I woke up with intolerable flank pain 3 hours after I went to sleep. I tried to reposition, fall back asleep, and sleep it off. But “it” had other plans.

When I started crying from the pain, I figured I should stop ignoring it. 

So on this Mother’s Day, I am alone, on an uncomfortable ER stretcher, with an IV, some rather strong pain killers, and a wrenching neighbour. 

It could always be worse. At least the boys brought me Starbucks and I’m not NPO… Yet.  


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