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Sitting in the doctor’s office, she eyed the metal speculum that the nurse tossed onto the counter beside her.  It was still wrapped in its sterile packaging, which made it even less friendly looking.  She watched the nurse pull open a drawer on the bottom of the exam table and transfer a clean, white sheet from there onto the paper-covered table
“I’ll get this ready just in case she decides to take it out.”

She felt a dryness in her mouth as the nurse said this.  Today’s appointment had nothing to do with her IUD, but she figured that since she was there, she’d get it taken out.  Despite this thought, there was never a time that she was completely confident and sure about this decision.  Even now, she was there to discuss some abnormal lab results that might suggest some *new* medical problem that might need attention before anything else can happen.  Maybe that is a sign.

Last time she was ready to make this decision, she wasn’t feeling well, either.  If it wasn’t for all those health issues back then, she would already be cuddling an adorable, growing baby.  Maybe that was a sign, too.

“Sure, we can take that out for you today.”

She laid on the crinkly paper with the stiff sheet covering her bottom half.  She scooted her bottom to the edge of the bed in the familiar way that she’s instructed many times before.  There was some discomfort, some poking, some clinking metal.”

“Are you sure it’s in there?  I can’t find the strings.”
“Yes, they’re there.  They’ve curled up inside the cervix.”
She grabbed a cytobrush…
“Oh, yes, I see them….”

“I’m sorry my dear, I can’t get a good grasp on them.  Not with the tools I have here.  You’re going to have to go visit one of your colleagues to have this removed.  Who would you like me to send you to?

And so she left with her IUD exactly were it was when she arrived.  Maybe that is another sign.

Do you believe in signs?  How do you know if you’re making the right choices?

8 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Even though I believe in signs, I carry it only so far. If there’s a conflict between that and my intuition (what my gut is saying,) I defer to the latter in decision-making. Rarely has my common sense let me down in the long run.

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        1. I think it’s more like Mel described below… My heart and mind are in conflict. I have always wanted to have another baby, and if had a less crazy life, I wouldn’t question it. However, then I think about how busy I am, how poorly my body tolerates pregnancy, and how much I hate being nauseous for 9 straight months… And I question my sanity!


  2. Maybe it’s a sign that a baby will be work, just as it will take an extra step to get the IUD out. I’m in the same situation — contemplating baby #3. My heart says YES, my mind says no. Ultimately I think my heart will win, and deep down I want my heart to win. But my mind is taking some convincing.

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  3. I understand – it must be awful to suffer through pregnancy. However, maybe later the time will be right for you again. I had my fourth ten years after my third. I was thirty-eight, and although it meant she was almost like an only child, having her as our older family matured, was wonderful.

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