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A Chuckling Read

I so, so enjoy books that make me chuckle. I enjoy them even more when the book is actually very insightful and profound, you still makes me chuckle. 

Right now I am reading Lost and Found, by Brooke Davis. It is about three very different people who have all been “lost” in some way. They come together in the book to accomplish (or maybe find) something… But I’m not done the book yet, so I can’t say for sure. 

One character, Millie, is a seven year old girl with great curiosity and an intuitive mind. I love how the author has made this little girl so innocent.  Especially in a way that I find extremely endearing. Meet Millie, the curiously funny protagonist in the book I am currently reading:



2 thoughts on “A Chuckling Read

  1. Regarding the government making me a woman, I am pretty sure we have the third amendment here in the US to prevent just such a thing 🙂 (about not having to quarter/house soldiers 🙂 )


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