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Quarter of the Way

How is 2015 already 1/4 of the way done?  I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!  I’m hoping that I can keep up with my goals for the next quarter.  I think I did a pretty “okay” job of the goals thus far… Let me know what you think:

Half Marathon Training

1. Half marathon training – Despite spraining my ankle (thankfully, it’s not actually a tendonitis like I originally thought) and not starting my official training program as I had planned at the 10 week pre-race mark, I did get started at 9 weeks pre-race and I have only had to make some slight modifications to the plan set out for me.  So far, 1.5 weeks into the training and I have managed to keep up with only minimal pain in the ankle.

2. 1000Km in 2015 As above, I didn’t run nearly as much as I needed to in March to get back on track with the 1000Km goals.  However, I did run enough Kms this month to not get any further behind!  So, I think that is an improvement.  I am still about 1 month behind my goal pace (or 80Km where I should be right now), but with my training program ramping up the distance each week, I should hopefully be able to catch up quickly!

3. Other means of exercise – This is one of the goals that I’ve managed to keep on top of from the very beginning of the year.  Even with going back to work, I have managed to keep up with going to TKD and some fitness classes on the nights I am not working.  I am really loving it!  Last week I went to promotion test for my yellow belt (and I’m pretty sure I passed).  That keeps me on schedule for my mini-goal of getting my green belt before my supper vacation (2 belt levels away)!

Back in the Game

4. Healthier eating – Healthy eating choices were difficult for me last month while I was off work, but I did try to made some big changes this month.  The biggest change is that I joined Weight watchers.  I have gained about pounds since I moved 8 months ago and I can definitely feel it.  I want to get most, if not all that weight back off.  I have been doing pretty good in the exercise department, I think.  I find counting points very tedious, so I have been trying their “simply filling” technique.  For this plan, you can eat as much as you want of foods that are on the “list” (whole grain products, fruits, veggies, low/non fat dairy, etc) and you still have the 49 flex points to use per week.  It has it’s pluses and minuses and the first week was rather unsuccessful.  However, last week I worked harder at sticking to the list and not “cheating” as much, and I did manage to love 1Kg (2.2 pounds).  Making good food choices is one of my hardest challenges, so I am happy that I have gotten this goal out of the “red” and back into “orange.”

5. “Me” time at least 1x per week – I wonder if I spent too much time on myself this month!?  I did a lot of little shopping sprees and spent some time and money on myself.  I also went for a few massages, a pedicure, got my legs waxed, and a hair cut.  I count that as a lot of me time!  No problem here! (I’m actually not used to doing this for myself – maybe that’s why it feels like it is too much time).

Take care of my ankle, and my toenails!

6. Putting myself first – Again, like I mentioned above, I think I have done an awful lot of this in the past month.  Maybe this is where it comes in as “excessive” – have I been putting myself first too much?  I don’t know.  I did spend quite a bit of time with the kids, I engaged in activities with/for my friends when they asked me to, but I also set some boundaries when it came to having to say NO to certain offers or situations.  The one thing I did notice this past month was that I didn’t spend as much time blogging as I normally do.  Part of this was because of how crappy I was feeling, but I think it was also because I just didn’t feel like it was what I needed to do for myself, at the time.  That’s putting myself first, right?

7. Quality time with the kids – This was harder to do once I was back at work.  Ironically, I found that working shift work in the ER was almost worse for my home/social life than working call shifts.  The shifts were great when I was working day shifts and I was home nice and early.  However, working evening and weekend shifts made it seem like I was hardly around because I would miss the evenings and then sleep a little in the mornings, and then repeat this over and over again.  On some of my days off, I did take the boys out for family bike rides, we built a lego candy dispenser, we went to the trampoline park, we transplanted our little gardens, and we even bought a fish.  Maybe I just perceived that I didn’t spend as much quality time with the kids as I could have…

St. Patty’s Day Pancakes for my Boys

8. More “present’ for Husband – Hmm… the theme here seems to be that anything that involves spending time on myself means spending less time on my husband and kids.  Again, maybe I could have done better, but we did have a lot of family time this month.  WE went out for dinner as a family a few times, long family walks and bike rides, rented a movie or two, etc.  Being present for my husband this month, though, had more to do with supporting him through a big financial deal he is making in his company.  I hope I was a good enough support for him during that whole process!

9. Establishing a new social circle – I feel like I am becoming more and more integrated into my community and my group of friends.  This month I made a huge leap and I volunteered to be a “Member at Large” on our community association Executive Committee.  Husband and I have decided that we wanted to make more of an effort to be involved in our community, and this was one way I felt I could contribute.  I had a wonderful time at the first meeting I went to, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone on the executive committee!

10. Be more gracious and positive – I know I have fallen behind on this little project over the past month.  However, I have been reminding myself to be more gracious in my everyday life.  Some of the things I am thankful for (even thought I haven’t taken the time to formally document them) are: access to affordable and quality health care, my job/career, community programs for A…. just to name a few.  Even though I haven’t been posting weekly updates about what I am grateful for, I know that I am more aware of these thoughts on a daily basis and I try harder to look for the positive aspects of a situation, even when I don’t want to.  I think it is having an overall positive influence in my life!

11. Read 12 books in 2015 (one per month) – Ooops… So, I didn’t even complete one book in the month of March.  I am prbably 20 page further along in the book I started at the end of February.  I’s like to say that it has more to do with being busy with so many other things, and nothing to do with a lack of motivation.  IN fact, I have bought MORE books again this month that I want to read.  I just haven’t read them.  Maybe this is a sign that I have to take a break from the book that hasn’t drawn me in and start something else.  I guess it’s a good thing that I read 2 books each in the last 2 months, so I am actually still kind of ahead on this goal.  I better be careful not to lose my buffer this month!

After 3 months, it seems like I have made some great progress on my 2015 goals!  I no longer have any goals that are not being worked on or accomplished.  That is amazing!  As if that’s not awesome enough, 6 out of 11 of the goals are in the green meaning that I am making some great strides in meeting these goals!  I am happy to see that all my hard work really is making 2015 a better year for me!  I WILL keep up this hard work!

3 thoughts on “Quarter of the Way

  1. I think just having these goals in the first place and monitoring their progress regularly is a positive thing….there is actually research that says that people who simply write down their goals are more successful at reaching them than people who don’t!! I think you’re doing awesome 🙂

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