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Me to ER physician I’ve been working with: You went to med school in X!?! 

ERP: yup!

Me: I went to med school in X!

ERP: Really?  That’s awesome!

We talked a bit about the med school, the people, the city… And then we moved on to other things…

ERP: You know, the first time we worked together and you said you were an obs resident, you instantly reminded me of one of the obstetricians who works in X…

(I’ve heard that before)

Me: Really?  I bet I know who you’re talking about – I’ve been told that before. 

ERP: Yeah, I bet (what does that mean?). It’s not even that you kind of look like her… It’s more than that. I can’t remember her name…

(It’s okay, I know who you’re talking about)

ERP: (googling the names of obstetricians in X) Not Dr. X, not Dr. Y, nope, not Dr. Z. Dr. K! Yes, her. She’s really nice. (An uncomfortable blow to my chest)

Me: Yes, she is nice. 

(I’m trying to move on here… Trying to forget. I don’t want a reminder, and I certainly don’t want a reminder that I remind anyone of her. If this conversation happened 4 months ago, it would have flattered me. But not today. Today it just makes me angry.)

7 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. I don’t know why I didn’t realize she was part of your professional circle too…ugh, I totally get that then.

    I agree with the above comment, the universe is perverse in it’s sense of”humor” sometimes. Smash or throw something!


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