6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Brazillian Thunder

    1. Thanks! We (the boys and I) had a nail polish party on St. Patty’s day…
      As for Booster Juice, I am a big fan of most flavours, but I think I get Pina Colada and Strawberry Sunshine more often than others 🙂 You?


      1. I prefer Jugo Juice (PB & Chocolate) but Strawberry Storm is my favorite at Booster Juice. I was asking because I wanted suggestions so I don’t always just stick with the same thing…..didn’t realize they had pina colada….ooh, that sounds yummy 🙂 Nails are perfect for St. Patty’s Day!!!


        1. Pina Colada is great!!! I used to really love Jugo Juice (and I’m always resistant to change) but I find that they are hard to find these days while BJ is everywhere! They also have BJs at the hospital where I have most of my half day lectures – so I’ve gotten used to it 🙂
          Have you tried Funky Monkey? It’s pretty good too, if you like chocolate smoothies 🙂


        2. I do but I’m super picky about bananas and how ripe they are so if they aren’t ‘just right’ it wrecks the ‘funky’ in my ‘monkey’ 😉

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