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Peroneal is not Perineal

The subtle difference in spelling in pronunciation is integral for an Ob-gyn resident who happens to have peroneal tendonitis. 

Inflammation of the lateral ankle tendons… Not inflammation of the perineum.  (What’s that term for two words that sound the same but mean different things?)

Notice the location of the peroneus sheath (in blue). this is where i have the most pain. Image: Netter’s

I have diagnosed myself with peroneal tendonitis based on the location of my worsening ankle pain and my relatively sudden increase in repetitive sports activities.  This is really very sad news for me. Absolute rest is “recommended” for weeks to months while the injury heals. There is even suggestion of a CAM boot while there is pain with walking (which I now have) and an ankle brace once the pain subsides with walking. 

So much for my half-marathon training… And my 1000Km… And my new found love for Taekwondo. 

I’m not sure if perineal inflammation is worse.  Wait, I take that back. Except, at least the most common cause of perineal inflammation comes with a cute and cuddly little baby. 

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