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Blue Boy

A. is all about “coordinating” his clothes every day.  Today he wanted to be the “Blue Boy.”  He was also a Blue Boy yesterday, too.  According to A, he only has one blue pair of pants – the ones that are a bright blue cotton.  Unfortunately, he wore these pants yesterday when he was blue boy and they were dirty when he was looking for them this morning.

I tried to explain to him that most of his jeans are blue, even though they are darker blue.  I also found a pair of navy blue cotton pants; but according to him, these were NOT blue.

Cue the meltdown.

I was going to be late and they were going to miss the bus to preschool. I explained to him that he had to pick another pair of pants that were not dirty.  He could still, very clearly, be a Blue Boy, even if he didn’t wear the bright blue pants.  A. continued to stand int he hallway crying, all while wearing a blue t-shirt, blue socks, and blue underwear.  I left him there with about 4 choices of other blue pants sitting on his bedroom floor.

Finally, the crying stopped and I thought he had conceded.  But then he came down the stairs and with a defiant tone in his voice he said, “See Mommy, I got the blue pants on…”

“You are NOT wearing dirty clothes to school today.  Get back upstairs and change your pants!”

And the meltdown continues.

We finally left the house very late, with a “Blue Boy” (in all respects of the word) wearing blue/green cotton pants that he refused to accept were blue.  The kids and the Nanny piled into the car, and I haphazardly dropped them off at the bus stop on my way to work.

My poor Blue Boy.  He just wants everything to be so perfect.  I wonder where he gets that from?

One thought on “Blue Boy

  1. Oh, it’s so scary when we see our flaws in our children, but when they grow up, it’s also slightly amusing. We survived, and so will they.
    I’m sure he forgot about his non-blue pants once he was playing with his mates.

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