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(Bitter)Sweet Dreams

I dreamt about friendship.  I dreamt about love, loss, and unanswered questions.  I dreamt that when faced with reality, the world was easily put back together.

I met with her, we talked, and it was better.  It was okay.  It all made sense.

Upon waking, I can’t stop thinking about how much harder it is to face reality when it is a real person standing in front of you instead of a bunch of letters on a screen, in the palm of your hand.

Would it have made a difference?  Would it make a difference?  Would it make more sense? Can I ever know?

I woke up wanting to make my dream a reality, somehow.  But is it really just a dream? And, why would my mind play such a trick on me?

In my dream we was each other in person and there was no way to ignore the truth.  There were words about feelings, about mistakes, about needs, and about concern.  I don’t remember if there was an end, but I woke up feeling like I wanted to hear those words and makse sense of them.  All I can think about now is reaching out,

But I’m afraid that I’ve put myself on the line one too many times.  I want it all to be sweet, like springtime nectar.

I’m afraid there is only the bitter taste of poison to be found.

Yet, I still want to take that chance.

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