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Cheesecake Gods

IMG_5412Dear Cheesecake Gods,

Please guide my cheesecake to perfection over the next 50 or so minutes as it heavily bathes in the heat of its water bath.
The oven has been properly heated on a calming convection setting, with the rack expertly positioned in the mid-to-low part of the oven.
I made a special trip to buy heavy-duty tin foil to ensure that the browned graham crust is not permeated by the necessary water.
I trusted your Philadelphia angel and bought the *only* cream cheese that is appropriate for such an endeavour.
I beat the cheese every so slowly and just barely enough after each egg, so as not to introduce too much air.
I did everything exactly as you would wish.
Please, please, don’t let my perfect cheesecake crack.

Love G.

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