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Running On Podcasts

Since my long 15K training run yesterday, my mind has been spinning.  Not really from the run, but from the podcast I was listening to while I ran.  I usually listen to music, but I thought I would do something a little different, as I had this certain podcast interview sitting in my playlist for a while.  For the one hour and thrity minutes I spent running and stretching, I listened to an unedited interview of Brene Brown on On Being.

What Brene Brown has to say is not new to me, as I’ve been reading her books and watching her podcasts for a few years now.  However, every time I listen to her speak, I hear something that I’ve never heard before.  I also notice that when I’m in different situations or mindsets, I focus in on different aspects of the subject.

In an hour and a half of listening, there was a lot of ideas to hear and think about: Vulnerability in parenting, how comparison is related to shame, how creativity is linked to vulnerability, how some people just can’t (or aren’t ready) to handle vulnerability, how taking care of ourselves takes courage, how vulnerability is not the same as weakness, how we live in a culture where we compete to be more stressed out and more tired than those around us… the list goes on.  As each foot hit the track yesterday, all of these concepts rolled around in my mind. They ventured into corners that haven’t been visited in a while and brought back memories of events from both the recent and distant past.  I left the running track with way more on my mind than I had when I arrived.

There has been so much chatter in my head about everything that I heard, that I don’t even know how to organize it and process it.  I thought all day about how or what I wanted to blog about in relation to it all, but it’s going to take longer for me to sort it all out.  I previously started a Shame Project when I first started reading Brene Brown’s books, but perhaps it’s time to modify that and change it to a project all about my discoveries that have come from learning to live a more “wholehearted life.”

I’m not sure… I guess I’ll see where it all goes!

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