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Happy Shrove Day

Don’t you just hate when you buy too much ricotta cheese? Then you just have to find something to do with it so as not to waste the rather pricey stuff.
As I perused the Internet for easy, non-stuffed pasta recipes (that’s what I made in the first place) to use my extra ricotta, I found a recipe for Orange Ricotta Pancakes.

Mmm… Sounds good. But, can we really have pancakes for dinner?
Well, only on shrove Tuesday, I hear myself say.
A quick calculation in my head: Easter is the beginning of April, and that’s only about 6 weeks away, so it’s gotta be getting close!
And yet another Google search confirms my (hopeful) suspicion: tomorrow is indeed Ash Wednesday. That means today is – yup – Shrove Tuesday!

Let the pancake dinner start! Orange Ricotta Pancakes in the making:



7 thoughts on “Happy Shrove Day

  1. As I was waiting for the rest of your post to load on my painfully slow tablet, I was thinking pancakes! So naturally I think this is great. But why only on Shrove Tuesday? We ate pancakes all the time for dinner as kids; later we found out it was because there was no money at the end of the month!!

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  2. Being out of Canada, I’ve totally forgotten about all these days. Of course, when I realized I missed Pancake Tuesday, I was devastated (that maybe be a slightly dramatic exaggeration but STILL). I don’t even know when Easter is! (I should go look that up.)


    1. They were! They were quite dense with the cheese, but I see myself adding orange juice and rind to regular pancakes in the future because the taste was amazing! (and it went very well with syrup)


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