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Muscle vs. Fat: The Great Debate

Image Credit: Bamboo Core Fitness

However you want to say it:

Muscle weighs more than fat… (not really true)

Muscle is more dense than fat… (true)

Muscle takes up less space than fat… (also true)

Regardless, it’s not always a great feeling to have been working hard at eating better and exercising more, only to find that the numbers on the scale are going up instead of down.

On January 3, I weighed myself: 70Kg.  That is still up from my best weight last year, by about 5Kg.

Today, I weighed myself: 71.3Kg.

In the past 6 weeks I have made a concerted effort to eat better (although that hasn’t always been successful), I’ve been going to TaeKwonDo every night that I haven’t been working, and despite being behind on my goal, I have run almost 50Kms.

So, out came the measuring tape…

From January 3 to today, these are the differences:

Waist (under rib cage): -1.5cm
Belly (at level of belly button): -2cm
Hips (at widest part): 0cm
Bust: +1cm
Thigh: +0.5cm
Bicep: -0.5cm

Net change: -2cm

Overall, I gained 1.3kg (~3lbs) but lost at total of 2cm (~1in) from my body.  With the exception of my bust (maybe this represents back muscles?) I gained cms where I carry mostly muscle, and I lost 88% of my cms around my abdomen.  It seems to me that my increase in weight was most likely trading in fat for muscle.

I hope that’s the case anyway… Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better?

14 thoughts on “Muscle vs. Fat: The Great Debate

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head here. As a Personal Trainer the hardest concept to get clients to understand is often how as they train they are likely to see an increase in mass (weight) as opposed to a loss. But your choice of circumference measurements is a great alternative; there’s also the ‘Mirror Technique’ whereby you simply judge yourself on how you look and completely step away from the scales; or for a more comparable option Progress pictures are a perfect way to create a database of images that you can look back on over time to see the way in which your body composition has changed.

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  2. Why can’t you people just use lbs instead of kgs. lol I don’t even care to talk about my weight or terrible eating habits. I need to do something fast.

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  3. Well done then! I am too chicken to use a measuring tape, but I don’t need that to know I have no muscle, only chub. 😀


    1. Welcome Back! I’ve been thinking about you lately. I got your email a few months back, but I am horrible at checking my blogging email address! I’m sorry that things have been crappy for you lately!
      Yes, I’ve decided I am less cranky now, most of the time… I’m so glad to see you back!


      1. I broke free 🙂 The crappy has been put behind (but it wasn’t rainbow colored) and I’m rebuilding my life. Your posts always resonated with me (still busy with owl art? I always think of you when I see an owl) I know the struggle and it gave me hope to read you plow through all the things in life and still persevere.

        I’m glad to hear you read the mail. In a way I was trying to talk myself some courage in before I took the jump.

        K… there will be moment when you just think fondly of her and the hurt will be gone. If it’s meant to be you two will cross roads again. If not… it’s life guiding you into becoming a more stronger version of you. Never think she didn’t care or that it was you projecting things. You tried. I wish she was at a point in her life where she could smile give you a hug and say “it’s all good but I just need some space right now.” I hope you two get to talk it out someday. She won’t forget you and in time she will think fondly of you too.

        Life is a bit odd isn’t it? All we can do is plow through and be the best version of ourselves to ourselves first.

        This year I’m trying to do that.

        With ups and downs.

        On sky high heels and with a smile on my face. 🙂

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        1. I’m glad to hear the crappy is behind. I know you are very right about K and what it will/should become. I just never imagined it could be something so hurtful. It’s like she put up the Berlin Wall. I’m getting past it though – slowly.
          It’s so nice to have you back!

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