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Happy Friday

7:00 – “Mommy, I’m awake!” (E.)

7:10 – “Mommy, I’m cleaning the shower” (In the shower, with his owl, a hand towel, and a spray bottle)

Spray. Spray. Spray. Spray… outside of the shower…

7:20 – “Now I’m cleaning the carpet, Mommy.”

Okay.  I’m out of bed.

7:25 – Back in bed… with child… watching Sponge Bob.

8:00 – “Mommy!  Why didn’t you wait for me to watch Sponge Bob!?!” (A. is now awake too)

8:05 – “Please go downstairs, [Nanny] is making you breakfast.”

8:07 – “Mommy, I pooped” (E. is standing with his legs spread wide, holding the crotch of his pants, and a beautiful bud of toddler poop at his feet… on the off-white carpet)

Okay, I’m out of bed, again.

8:12 – Kids are downstairs with Nanny…

8:30 – Screaming.  Nanny Yelling.  Crying.

8:45 – “Mommy, how many more minutes are you going to be sleeping?”

8:55 – “Mommy, when you wake up can we go to [big fun mall]?”

9:00 – Nanny fighting with kids to get them in the bath.

Where are my *%#&ing ear plugs?

9:25 – Two kids standing beside my bed, in front of my face…
“Mommy, is it enough minutes for you to wake up now? (A.)
“Mommy, there’s something in my bum” (E.) (Whiff of toddler poop reaches my nose… again)

Happy Friday!

(I should have just gone to work)

Also, any tips on getting a 3 year old to poop in the potty would be greatly appreciated…

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. It’s like their world is off balance for mom to be in the bed. My little guy will use his tablet to text me over and over wanting to know why I’m not up yet.

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