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Gratefulness – Week 6

I am grateful for the ability to write down exactly what I am thinking and feeling. I am grateful for my family which give me an unlimited supply of love and support. I am grateful that we are all healthy. I am grateful for books, to teach me something new or take me along on a new adventure.

Every week I am finding that I continue to be grateful for the things I have mentioned previously.  I guess this is one of the positive aspects of this challenge.  I need to go back and re-read the previous week’s post to make sure that I am not repeating what I was grateful for then.  I am still so grateful for all of those things – I just need to think harder to identify new things!

This week, I am concentrating on my personal qualities:

1. I am grateful for my resiliency.  When I was in high school, my counsellor always said that I should write a book on resiliency.  Even back then I was one resilient teenager.  Since then I have continued to be faced with difficult challenged and setbacks, yet I have always persevered and done so with (I think) relatively good poise.  This past year has been one of the most difficult yet, and despite some low moments, I have managed to get through it successfully and without giving up.  Everything about my life, including some of my family dynamics, has changed dramatically – I live in a different city, I am in a different work environment, I have more responsibility, I have different childcare arrangements, and I have a completely new cohort of friends. I am still working on things, but despite the setbacks, I am still making it through.

2. I am grateful for my kindness and my ability to care about others.  I never thought this was anything special about me, or even something to be grateful for.  However, my struggles over K’s birthday this past week, and my recent gift from a patient have suggested to me that I have a quality that is rare in most people.  I continue to care about the wellbeing and feelings of other people, even when I shouldn’t.  I do my best to ensure that people feel cared about and important in a way that is uncommon.  Some people might find this off-putting, but I think most find it to be a quality not often seen in many people.  I venture to guess that the people who find it unsettling do so because they are reminded that they, themselves, would not make other people’s feelings such a priority.

3. I am grateful for my ability to persevere.  I think this is related to #1 above, but it is a little different.  Resiliency is about bouncing back and recovering from the difficulties and challenges we face.  Perseverance is about pushing through and not letting the challenges get you down.  At least that’s how I see it.  I may have not been so successful at that in my personal life – but the people who care the most and love me the most supported me without fail.  Despite the personal and emotional turmoil I was going through, I managed to continue being a hard working resident and maintained my high quality of work.  This is an excerpt from another clinical evaluation that I received recently: “G. is a very well rounded resident. Her clinical skills and judgment are well above her level of training. She actively sought feedback from staff.  I was most impressed with her effort at teaching medical students. She actively involved students in all aspects of caseroom care and took time to teach them clinical pearls and skills. For a PGY-1, this was quite impressive.”  Along with this, I was rated as meeting or exceeding all levels of expectation.  Life has been challenging lately, but I haven’t let it get me down in all aspects.

Thank-you all for continuing to interact with my gratefulness posts.  I love to read about the things that everyone else is grateful for in their lives!

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