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Why Anti-Vaxxers Won’t Change

IMG_5304 Everyone’s talking about it. It’s on blogs, it’s all over Facebook, it’s overtaking the Internet. But, it seems like the only people who read it or circulate it or are passionate about it are the people who already know and believe that VACCINES ARE SAFE AND NECESSARY. I vaccinate my kids. All the articles and arguments I read are from people who vaccinate their kids. All the people commenting on the issue are (you guessed it) people who vaccinate their kids! I am getting so sick and tired of hearing and reading and talking about why we should vaccinate our kids! Is it making a difference? If it is, then I’ll put up with it. But if it’s not, for the love of REASON… I don’t know what will change things! Anti-vaxxers base their beliefs on faulty and wrong evidence. They seem to want to continue being ill-informed. My guess is that they aren’t reading all the stuff we are circulating. Maybe the only thing they will believe is watching their own children suffering from their own stupidity. An unreasonable outcome of an unreasonable decision It is a sad truth. But really, what’s left for us to do?

11 thoughts on “Why Anti-Vaxxers Won’t Change

  1. Some of those vaccines have saved a lot of lives. The only vaccine I refuse is the flu vaccine and anything that has been rushed to market without sufficient testing.

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    1. I agree about the stuff rushed to the market. But, there is a role for flu vaccine – to protect the very old, very young, and immune compromised. I think most people don’t realize how many people die From the flu every year. But, if I’m going to argue, I’d rather you get all the childhood vaccines and forgo to flu, if you’re passionate about it

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      1. I also know of two people who suffered from GBS attributed to the flu shot that they got. I’d rather die from the flu then spend a year as cripple in hospital with GBS. But that is my choice.


  2. Shortly before my little one was born, I was part of an online mom’s group and heard reason after reason why you shouldn’t vaccinate. We vaccinated our son with no problems, but all of this chatter of metal poisoning and autism (stuff I didn’t hear about a few years ago) really freaked me out. I seriously thought about withholding some vaccinations (namel the MMR) and planned to do a delayed schedule when she was born, until a nurse applied a little pressure and I crumbled. Shortly thereafter (and a few months before all of this measles stuff started happening), I started doing a lot reading, mostly to reassure myself that I hadn’t caused irreparable damage by vaccinating. Now I’m more concerned about the fact that the little one can’t get the MMR for a few months. Seeing the breakdown on why a lot of the ingredients are okay has been very helpful, so I’ve been sharing on my FB, in case anyone will take the time to read.

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  3. You’re absolutely right, Gennie. You are basically preaching to the choir. The naysayers won’t listen to reason. I am really frightened of what the future holds for us if these deadly diseases gain a foothold. Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC was saying don’t be surprised if we see polio reemerge at this rate. And it’s all so unnecessary!!

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