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What Did You Do Today?

Today I:

Made it through surgical rounds.

Bought a second (and eventually third – decaf) coffee for the sake of “the game”

Ate a greek salad from a jar

Registered for a Half Marathon in May

Left work early because there was nothing left to do.

Went to the bookstore and bought some new books, just “because”

Went for a pedicure and a leg wax

Read through half of one of my new books – “The Girl on the Train”

Ran 5.5K instead of taking a nap

Went to watch A at Taekwondo…

Then participated in the Intense Fitness Class…

Then did the adult Taekwondo class

Convinced people at Taekwondo that we should make a team for Colour Me Rad this year

Today I had a pretty great day!

What about you, what did you do today?

9 thoughts on “What Did You Do Today?

  1. I worked. Then I went home, read blogs, played “Lego Batman 3” with M and then stayed up way too late with him watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on Netflix.


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