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Welcome to February

The first month of 2015 is now behind me.  January went by fast, and I can’t decide if that is a good thing or not.  Either way, I think time is just going to go by faster as it goes on.  At the beginning of the year, I set numerous goals for myself with the intention of having a better year than last year.  There were a combination of fitness, general health and well being, family, and personal goals… 11 in total.  There are some that I’ve done a great job at, and others that have not been so good.  I figured that one month into the year would be a good time to evaluate how those goals are going.

1. Half marathon training – This hasn’t really been happening.  There are a combination of factors: The date of the potential run is too far off for it to seem real, I haven’t had much spare time to run (let alone plan some long runs), I really dislike treadmill running and with the cold weather now, I’ve been unable to motivate myself to run more than 5 or so Km on my treadmill.  With my upcoming break next week, I’m hoping I can do better that this!  What I plan to change: I need to schedule run times and I am going to sign up for some 5K and 10K races in my community for the coming months.

2. 1000Km in 2015 Like above, I haven’t been doing very well at this goal.  I figured that in order to make this happen, I need to run about 80Km per month.  Last month I got in 28Km.  Yikes!  Not even half of the required Kms!  I challenged another blogger, Dr. Mom over at The Urban Dr. Mom to join me in this challenge and I have to say, she has been kicking my butt!  Good for you Dr. Mom, and thanks for motivating me to pull up my socks this month.  Watch out! What I plan to change: Like I said in #1, I am going to schedule more runs and get out in the community more.

3. Other means of exerciseMy primary plan for this goal was to join the Tae Kwon Do club that my son attends.  I did this and I have been going to class every night that I haven’t been working.  It has been fantastic!  Pushing me out of my comfort zone and getting me sweating really good!  They also offer a general fitness class on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I haven’t gone to those yet.  I was concentrating on challenging these first few easier belt levels right away (I challenged my yellow-stripe last week and I think I passed) and I didn’t feel right about spending 2 hours of my evenings away from the kids to attend the fitness class and the TKD class.  Tonight though, I decided I am going to try both of them!

4. Healthier eatingHmm, this is debatable.  I was doing very well for the first two weeks, packing lunches every day and resisting treats/snacks.  While i continued to pack healthy lunches and Mason Jar Salads for the whole month, I did kind of let myself slide on the treats and snacks goal.  There were a few times last week where I bought breakfast when I was post-call or I slept in, and I also went out for Dim Sum a few times.  I’ve also been sneaking some chocolate Lindt balls here and there (left over from the Christmas stash).  What I plan to change: I need to work harder at restraint and self control when it comes to the goodies…

5. “Me” time at least 1x per weekThis is hard to say, again.  I have been taking time every night that I’m not working to go to TKD, which I guess is sort of like “me” time – I do it for myself.  I’ve been reading more at work when it’s not busy, and on my most recent day off, I went shopping alone and worked on the projects for my sister’s bridal shower.  I think I’ve actually done a pretty good job at maintaining this goal, even if the “me time” isn’t what I expected (you know, pedicure, bubble bath, etc.) What I plan to change: I’m going to reflect more on the purpose of this goal and perhaps revisit and refine it a little.  “Me” time might be more than just the quiet relaxing times.

6. Putting myself first – Well, I was somehow convinced to finally take that one month break.  I know that didn’t actually happen in January, but I thought about it a lot.  Joining TKD was a big part of this too.  Other ways I put myself first were leaving work when I was done my duties and there was nothing else going on rather than waiting around until everyone else was done in the OR.  This gave me more time to get a few things done that I needed to do at home, or even just take a quick nap before the evening with my kids.  Mostly this is a mental change: Just making it a point to think about my own needs before other issues.  I am generally bad at that, so I needed to spend more time reflecting on it.  I think I did an okay job for the first month.

7. Quality time with the kidsWell, TKD (again) has given me the opportunity to spend some extra time with A outside of the house.  Some nights he stayed and watched me in the adult class after his class was over, and a few times we attended the Family classes together.  A also likes to read and he is doing a grea job learning.  I’ve taken the time to sit down with him and help him improve his reading skills on simple books like “Hop on Pop,” and “Green Eggs and Ham.”  He really enjoys the time with Me.  Spending extra time with E has been a little more difficult, only because he is a little tornado, and is extremely stubborn.  I’ve made it a point to get home on time on Thursdays so that I can go to swimming lessons and take him in the pool for the parented class instead of our Nanny going in with him.  We’ve also started going to the pool for “family swimming” ever Sunday evening. I’ve also been in the toy room more often and constantly building marble towers with the boys (their favorite toy right now)

8. More “present’ for HusbandI think this one needs a little work, but it’s been okay.  With trying out new exercise routines, spending more time with the kids, and taking more “me” time, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time left over.  Also, starting work at 6am every morning means I need to go to bed a little earlier than I usually do.  While we didn’t go on any “dates” in January, we did stay in a watch a movie together over the weekend.  We recently bought a 4-pack of award winning comedies, so we chose to watch “Sideways” over two nights (because I fell asleep half way through on the first night).  We have planned to keep our nanny for the weekend of Valentines Day – so I guess that could count as a date in the first 6 weeks of the year! What I plan to change: I’m going to see if there are other things I can do or include in this goal.  For example, does weekly family swimming also count as being more “present” for Husband?  I’m not sure…

9. Establishing a new social circleAgain, joining TKD has been great for this because a lot of the same people are at the classes every night.  I have made more of an effort to talk to other parents in the viewing area during the children’s class and that has helped out, too.  Everyone is very friendly and inclusive at TKD and I love the atmosphere.  I see myself getting to know everyone better there.  I also helped out with organizing the wrap-up party for A’s soccer team.  That has allowed me to be in contact with the coaches (a married couple in a similar age group as us) more often.  During the party yesterday, I arranged to hopefully have a few play-dates for our kids.

10. Be more gracious and positiveEven though I fell behind on blogging for one of the weeks, this has been a great exercise for me.  I’ve been trying much harder to focus on the great parts of my life and I have loved sharing them on my blog.  I have been getting some nice responses to my gratitude question on my gratitude posts and even reading those makes me realize other aspects of my life for which I am grateful.  I am going to continue including the dialogue box at the end of my weekly gratitude posts and I hope it will catch on with more bloggers.  One other thing that I have been working hard at is eliminating the work “hate” from my vocabulary.  I find that I am often saying how much I hate things.  However, when I really think about it, I don’t actually hate them, I just find them less than ideal.  Instead of complaining about something, I’ve been trying harder to look for the positive learning opportunity in the experience.

11. Read 12 books in 2015 (one per month)I am happy to say that I did accomplish this, with flying colours!  I actually finished reading two books this month.  I have been meaning to write a review about these books here on the blog, but I just haven’t had the opportunity (with everythng else going on).  I have so many things to blog about and not enough time to blog!  I have started a new book, even though I haven’t really gotten far into it yet.  This one is called “Home Before Dark.”  We’ll see how it goes!

Well, that review was a great way for me to look back over my goals, see what needs more work over the next month, and to see how much I’ve accomplished in a short 31 days!
Overall, it seems like I need to get back on track with my running.  I think it has mostly taken a back seat to the TKD efforts – which I guess is okay, seeing as how many ways joining TKD has helped with my other goals.
Finding time for myself and for my husband are areas that have has a little bit of progress but maybe not in the way I’ve envisioned.  Perhaps I need to work harder on those, or else revisit the initial goal and refine it a little so that I have a better idea of what I want to accomplish.
Healthy eating has been about 50/50.  I’ll keep up with the salads, but I need to work harder on resisting the sweets!
As for what I did well: Everything else! More than 50% of my goals (6/11) were met in amazing and rewarding ways!  Hopefully I can keep up those positive changes as I continue to work on the other goals in this next month!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to February

    1. I really don’t like feeling that I’ve given up on something. I also really dislike feeling like I’m gaining weight (as I do right now). Things have to change this month!


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