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Falling Behind

Last week I was on call 3 times.  It was intense and tiring, and as result, I hardly got anything done that I wanted to do.  Most of these things involve my goals/resolutions for the week.  But, please know that I am thinking about them all the time and still working hard towards them.

The good stuff:

IMG_5202I was still on top my the salads last week.  The salad of the week was a Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad.  It was an okay salad, but I found that the beans absorbed all the dressing and it was rather dry.  I’m not sure if I’ll make it again.  Unfortunately, being on call over the weekend made it hard to plan and make salads for this week, so I will make them tonight.  I still brought food from home to eat today, so I won’t have an excuse to buy food!

My mom came to town last weekend and we started planning my sister’s wedding shower.  It is planned for the end of April, but given how busy I am, we started early.  We are having a Parisian theme and we will be making most of the decorations ourselves.  I am working on the centerpieces, which will have a “little  tea-light lamp”, a pink vase with fresh creme roses, and a small potted plant, all on top of a silver charger plate.  It looks better than it sounds, but I’ve included a few pictures of the evolution of my idea from IKEA and the craft store.  I’ll post more as the theme comes together.

I did manage to finish reading a book for January!  If we are being technical, I did finish two books this month, but the first one I actually started on Dec 30 or 31, so I’m not sure if I feel great about counting it towards one of my 12 books for the year.  I’m hoping to write a little review of one (maybe both) of the books I read this month: Still Alice, and The Orphan Train. Stay tuned(?).

I did got to Tae Kwon Do on the nights that I wasn’t working (Tuesday and Thursday).  I am still finding it a great workout.  I think I am doing really well and I have been secretly hoping that I would get all my “stripes” to be able to attempt my first belt promotion this Friday, but so far, I have no stripes.  Maybe tonight I’ll get a few!

The not-so-good:

I am falling behind on my running.  I figured that in order to run 1000Km this year, I need to get about 20Km a week.  Well, so far I only have 20Km this month.  I think this is a combination of so much call (especially this last week), being so tired post call (not sleeping as much because I have had to take A to so many appointments), and also attending Tae Kwon Do (I am usually pretty tired after that workout).  I am only on call once this week, so I am hoping to do a bit of catching up.  Maybe if I force myself to run 2-3Km after my TKD classes, i could make a little progress.

I haven’t really been sticking to my “one treat per day” rule.  Last week was our department’s CaRMS interviews, so for the two days of the interviews, I was expected to show up to meet and greet the new applicants.  There was free food and free desserts.  CaRMS (as you would expect) is a very stressful time for me – bringing up many emotions and memories I’d rather not think about.  As a result, I did a little bit too much comfort eating at those luncheons.  Three call shifts in one week didn’t help much either – lots of eating at crazy times of the day…

I didn’t write my weekly gratitude post.  I do have many things I am grateful for from the past 2 weeks, so I will attempt to write a hybrid gratitude post that will stand in for last week as well.  Just know that I have really been thinking about that a lot!

There you have it: the good, the bad, and the (not so) ugly of my last week.  I hope you will all forgive me!

5 thoughts on “Falling Behind

    1. Well, I’ll have to get on writing me reviews, then. I think I liked Still Alice more than The Orphan Train, even though they were both good books. I loved how we were able to really be in Alice’s head through the whole book – and I loved the irony (although sad) that we could see the decline that she couldn’t see.


      1. I liked “Still Alice”, Gennie. I thought “Orphan Train” was Young Adult fare. It’s a compelling topic full of possibility for really good drama and I felt it pretty left no stone unturned in terms of obvious symbolism. My book club was 50/50 on it with some really despising it. The thing is I’d seen a PBS documentary years ago about the orphan train and it was compelling and heartbreaking. In the hands of a better author…..? But I know there are many that loved it, so there you go.


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