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Picnic On Call

I am on call again on this beautiful Saturday, with the weather a balmy +7 Celsius. It’s a little “less than ideal” to be cooped up inside of this hospital instead of at home with the boys. However, they did find a way to make my day a lot more cheery!

Husband texted me to say they were going to bring me lunch and come for a visit. I was very excited for that alone. But, when I saw them waiting for me in the atrium of the hospital, I was even more surprised that they packed me a “picnic,” complete with some beautiful flowers!

The picnic was made by the boys themselves – peanut butter and jam sandwiches, cheese strings (a babybel for me), funions, a San pellegrino drink, grapes, and veggies with dip (chopped up by daddy, of course). We had a lovely picnic in the hospital atrium, and my pager was nice enough to leave me alone the whole time!

(I forgot to take a picture of the picnic itself)

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