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The Inadvertent Name

The other day I tried to find my blog by googling my new blog title.  My old blog title was original enough so that it was the first result that popped up on a google search.  That isn’t the case, however, for this new blog name.  At first I was a little disappointed that you had to scroll quite a ways down (maybe even to the second page) to get my blog.  But when I realized what was higher up on the list from searching “Gentle Giraffe,” I saw this:

Yes, a giraffe… a giraffe aptly named, The Gentle Giraffe.  This discovery eased my disappointment a little bit because this exact giraffe (actually, two of them) have taken on quite a significant role in my life.

A was given one of these Gentle Giraffes when he was a baby of no more than a few weeks old.  We strapped it into the corner of his crib and played the soothing sounds that it made every night for him.  As soon as he was able to move around the crib, we would find him sleeping with his head in the corner of the crib, on top of the giraffe, as if it was a pillow.  When he was strong enough, he pulled it off the crib rails and slept with it like any other stuffie animal.

Once E came along, we decided to buy one for him – surely he would love it as much as his brother did.  Interestingly, that wasn’t the case.  In addition to that, A also completely rejected this “new” and “foreign” Giraffie (as he is affectionately known in our house).  And so, this second giraffe became a “spare parts” giraffe.

In the past 4.5 years, the “spare parts” giraffe has donated his sound box and the fluffy end of his tail to A’s Giraffie.  He used the sound so much that he has no worn through the second sound box!  As for the tail… He has always comforted himself by rubbing the tale across his upper lip and under his nose.  It is something he still does to this day.  The original tail lost it’s hair, and then became thread bare, and then became a thread-bare hole.  A really wanted me to fix the tail, but it was unfixable… Until I “borrowed” the end of the tail off of “spare parts.”

When I chose the new name of this blog, I had no idea that this stuffed Giraffie was actually called a Gentle Giraffe.  In fact, when I settled on my new nickname, Gennie, I spent some time trying to figure out how to incorporate that name into the title of my blog.  It was going to be Gennie Giraffe – and then Gentle Giraffe just popped up instead.  How interesting!  So, without even realizing it, I somehow managed to name one of my most important pastimes (and place to visit) after the only stuffie in our lives that has ever brought us, and especially A, such calm and comfort.

Goodnight, Giraffie!


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