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Weight Doesn’t Lie

I’m not overly obsessed with weighing myself. However, I do like to keep on top of my fitness and health, and tracking weight is one important parameter. I started using my FitBit app to track my weight records when I moved in June. Looking back over the past 6 months, this is what My weight has done:

Can you guess when I moved and when the stress (and nausea) got really bad?
Can you tell when I started the medication (and nausea got better).
Can you tell when I started to “let it go a little” and started the residency weight gain?
And of course, there’s Christmas…
Hmm… Are there any more important milestones on there.

When I first started using the app to track weight, I had a goal of losing about 1.5Kg (~3lbs). I wonder if that goal is still appropriate? In the last week I lost 0.8Kg (that last dip on the chart). In order to get my goal, I need to lose another 5Kg. My lowest weight in my adult life was still less than this goal. We’ll see how it goes!

Isn’t it interesting, though, how our weight can really tell a story about our lives?

9 thoughts on “Weight Doesn’t Lie

    1. Enjoy your fitbit! I love mine! I forgot to wear it the other day and I was so upset and I felt so naked! I kind of wish I could find a way to share fitbit on my blog… it would be fun!


    1. (Not a like for the whole gaining weight and divorce thing). It’s crazy how much of lives are reflected by our outward appearance. I wish I could figure out a way to be in better control of that!


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