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So. Sore. Today.

Last night I went to my first Tae Kwon Do class.
Holy Moley! I don’t think there is any activity, other than running, that makes me sweat so much. After an hour of running and kicks and other training drills, I could hardly stand. I went home and collapsed onto the couch.
This morning, every muscle hurts – but in that “I had a good workout” way: sore and tired, yet satisfying.
While there weren’t many people my age in the class (mostly teens and young adults), I had a great time socially. Everyone was very friendly and the group, as a whole, seems relaxed and fun. I’m looking forward to making this a regular part of my routine.

3 thoughts on “So. Sore. Today.

  1. Sounds amazing. And you’re so AWESOME for doing this and going for it! I do yoga about five times a week, but I’ve really been wanting to try an aqua cardio class too. (Aqua since I have knee/feet issues that flare up when I run and do other on-ground aerobics classes.) But I’m scared to go because I feel like it’s something “old” people do. And I don’t even want to think about what I look like in a swimsuit! But I think you’ve inspired me to try it next week!

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