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Curse You Nutman!

What do you do when your mind is consumed with thoughts of soft, sweet, chocolatey, delicious carbohydrate snacks all morning?  Especially when those are the exact kinds of snacks you swore to eat less of in the New Year, and that you purposely did not pack in your lunch for the day?  Well, you do what I did, and expend an unhealthy amount of energy and willpower to avoid anything and anywhere at work where you might be tempted to buy such sinful deliciousness.

But, I needed coffee.  When the workday starts at 6am, morning coffee doesn’t count – that one just keeps you awake until the rest of the sane world is starting their workdays.  Even after attempting to distract myself by perusing my lunch bag and eating the banana, and the yogurt, and the apple, and the orange that I packed in lieu of sweet treat snacks, I still craved the unmentionable… And, I still needed coffee.  Do you know what places that sell coffee also sell?  They also sell soft, sweet, chocolatey, delicious carbohydrate snacks – the exact ones I have been trying to avoid all morning.

So with a strong falsely strong resolve and a small pep talk in my head, I descended into the depths of the hospital food court to buy coffee.  I went to the till, I ordered my coffee and I promptly paid, all while pretending to ignore the display of muffins, and donuts, and various sweet breads.  I was proud of myself, I really was.  But as I turned around to walk return up a different set of stairs, I saw him – waiting there with evil, taunting bags of nutty, sweet, salty, crunchy, soft, EVERYTHING deliciousness



The Nut Man.

Curse you, Nut Man, Curse you.

I paused long enough to take this picture, and then I showed him who is boss.

I successfully left the cafeteria with nothing but my coffee… no soft, sweet, chocolatey, delicious carbohydrate snack.

Yay for me!

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