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The Grateful Me – Week 1

Okay, week 1 of my goal to to keep a “gratitude journal” here on my blog… here we go!

Today’s entry is a combination of gratitude and week/weekend review.  Hopefully over time I will have other, less “materialistic” things to be grateful for.  But for now, these things made my life pretty great over the past week:

1. I am grateful that I’ve had the time, resources, and support (lack of teasing/negative comments) of my husband to continue with making my Mason Jar Salads.  Like most “healthy” food choices, it’s not cheap, easy, or time efficient to do well.  Again this week, i did manage to put together some tasty looking jars of Caprese Salad for this upcoming week.  I hope they taste as good as they look!

2. I am grateful for my “home gym” and my wellness spending account that reimbursed me for a BOSU balance ball and a set of free weights to put in that gym.  Having very little time to work out, it makes it much easier to do when I can just walk down into my basement instead of getting in the car (in arctic freeze temps) and driving to the gym after the kids are asleep.  I now have less excuses to not work out, even if I decide to take it easy – I can just jump on the BOSU ball and do some exercises.

3. I am grateful that my new running shoes offer me more support where I need it and that I haven’t been having as much foot pain with my last two runs as I did before I had the shoes.  I am optimistic that this is the beginning of a road to recovery and continued endurance training.

4. I am grateful for A. and his cuteness that often catches me off guard between moments of trying/bad behaviour. Out of all the sets available in the Lego store, he came running up to me with this tiny set for the “Double Decker Couch” and said that was what he wanted to buy with his Christmas money.  He’s been building his own double decker couches with his own Lego over the past few days, but he was ecstatic to have one of his very own, and to build it with me.

5. I am grateful for a very easy week at work last week.  Most days I was done by 10am and had the rest of the days off to spend time with the kids.  My calls were very easy as well, giving me an opportunity to catch up on sleep.  I really needed a bit of a break to help me get a hold of everything that’s going on in my life.

3 thoughts on “The Grateful Me – Week 1

  1. Can I say here that I shrieked like a overexcited toddler when I saw the Double Decker Couch at Target? Someone I think was hiding it, it was out over a week early and it was the only one. Good taste, your kid has 🙂

    I love the idea of the gratitude journal on here. I wish my flexible spending account allowed for exercise equipment, even on a small scale. Oh well.

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