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Skinny Lattes for Dinner

“What should we bring Mommy for dinner tonight?”
“Mommy needs a Skinny Latte!”
“A Skinny Latte for Dinner?”
“No silly!  A Skinny Latte for coffee, she actually needs to eat food for dinner, Daddy.”

This was part of the conversation that happened between A. and Husband on their way to meet me for dinner last night while I was on call.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered or worried that my 4.5 year old son knows what a “Skinny Latte” is, or that I have a slight addiction to them.  Sigh.

Mommy's Work
Mommy’s Work

I was certainly flattered, though, when A. came running through the sliding doors of the Hospital and excitedly presented me with his newest Lego Masterpiece: “Mommys Work.”
“Mommy’s Work” comes complete with the sliding doors to the hospital, the glass elevators that look down upon the lobby, the Nest, the mailbox, Mommy’s bedroom, the long hallway, and the Tim Horton’s where we buy the Timbits after we eat dinner.
Apparently it was imperative that A. bring this piece to show me while I was at work instead of waiting until I came home this morning.  I guess “Mommy’s Work” is a pretty prominent feature in the lives of my children.  I might have been sad about this, but then I realized that it is a reality that I can’t change right now.  And, it seems as though it’s not something that A. finds sad – it inspires his creativity, and he loves to come visit Mommy at work… Or maybe he just loves that he always gets Timbits when he comes…

7 thoughts on “Skinny Lattes for Dinner

    1. Thanks, i thought so too! Although, i felt a little sheepish walkingg around the hospital careying a lego masterpiece after i saw them out… Its a long trek from the main entrance to my surgery call room…

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