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Lego – Where Have You Been?

I only had a sister growing up. We played with lots of barbies and dolls, makeup, nail polish, and other girly toys. Never did we play with Lego.
Now with two boys, I have made an amazing discovery!!! A got a few Lego cars and trucks for his birthday over the summer and with all the moving and adjustments, we didn’t put them together until a few weeks ago. He loves them – and I loved putting them together. It wasn’t too surprising, therefore, when A sat on Santa’s lap an asked for “Lego cars” for Christmas.
Husband and I Santa did one better: he brought a whole Lego police station, complete with motorcycle, helicopter, police car, and police detention van.
Mommy was in a strange kind of heaven putting all that Lego together! Omg. That is just perfect for the detail oriented, perfectionist side of my personality! I look forward to this Lego obsession growing (A’s, not mine…) so I he can collect all those awesome sets!
If only they weren’t so expensive!!!


15 thoughts on “Lego – Where Have You Been?

      1. I had three younger brothers so I grew up with them. But those from my childhood were nothing like what they are now. My kids have an aunt who works for Lego so my house is infested. Every single nook and cranny. We just put together a huge castle and a dojo. Not that they will stay together very long. Soon they will become booby traps. In my floor.

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        1. I wish I had a relative who worked at the Lego store!!! I have to confess (with a 2 and 4 year old) I have to glue them together… Gasp! I know… But i leave the “functional parts” functional…

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        2. I thought about doing that but then what I loved about legos as a kid was building all sorts of crazy things with them, like slug houses and such. I didn’t want to eliminate that creative outlet. ๐Ÿ™‚


        3. Oh, i agree! We have lots of random lego of various assortments that we play with Nd dont glue. But these cars and sets… The first one we didnt glue, it fell apart and we lost pieces and then there was a meltdown… So we have a mix of both worlds. This eveing we had a wonderdul cops and Robbers chase with our lego polic station ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Lego is the best ever. I have three brothers so there was a load of it to play with growing up, and it’s so fun! It’s great to put together the sets and play with them, but it’s also a lot of fun once you have loads of it and you use your imagination to create things with all the random pieces. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I loved Lego as a kid amd then re discovered them with my son. I read your post and comments and egad, dont glue them together! 99% of the fun is creating new thungs from the original sets. Have you seen the lego movie? Might be worth a viewing.


    1. Oh yes, the Lego movie is a favorite here. And dont you worry, we have plenty of non-glued lego as well. With the boys being so young, they also love playing with the sets together ans they get very sad when they break apart and can’t be put pack together. Once they are older, the gluing will stop ๐Ÿ™‚

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